Elizabeth Weber '14/Brown
Brown Entrepreneurship Program


Providence, RI

Elizabeth Weber is an undergrad at Brown University, and is currently the Co-President of the Brown Entrepreneurship Program. She is concentrating in Commerce, Organizations & Entrepreneurship and Visual Arts with the intention to start my own company someday. She first realized her interest in entrepreneurship in high school, when she created an Art Club and a Harry Potter Quidditch Team. Both clubs grew to become successful, and she learned a lot of valuable lessons throughout the process. Her senior year in high school, she started her first for-profit enterprise. Elizabeth created an Art School, Académie de Couleur, in the upstairs of her garage. She held weekly group and individual classes for 14 elementary age children throughout the fall and spring of 2010; she continues operations of her school whenever she is home for holiday breaks. In addition to being Co-President of the Entrepreneurship Program, Elizabeth is a graphic designer and event planner
for the Brown University Science Center. She enjoys oil painting, reading,
and traveling in my free time.

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