Matthew Swanson
Writer/Art Director/Co-Owner
Idiots' Books and Bobbledy Books

Chestertown, MD

Matthew Swanson was born at the base of a dormant volcano in Colombia, South America, an unwitting child of the Peace Corps. For years he lived in Kansas, subsisting entirely on corn products and writing horrible rhyming poetry.

Now he is the writer, art director, marketer, distributor, and whip cracker for the two small presses he runs with his wife (and illustrator) Robbi Behr. One press, Idiots’Books, publishes satirical illustrated books for adults. The other, Bobbledy Books, publishes picture books and music for kids. In addition to his 41 self-published titles, he has done a book for LB Kids and another for Chronicle.

To actually make money, Matthew works as a writer and communications consultant for the North Charles Street Design Organization, a company that makes all those brochures you got from colleges and then promptly threw away.

He loves his three children very much—when they are being quiet.

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