Evan Polivy '10/FAV
Polivision Productions


Brooklyn, NY

Evan Polivy is a film director, product developer, and the founder of Polivision, a full-service production company specializing in web-based media. Polivy has directed over 100 videos for major arts organizations including Sotheby’s Institute of Art, VIP Art, and The Barnes Foundation. He started Polivision while attending RISD where he brought together students from different majors to collaborate on several professional projects including music videos for the artists, Wale and Kaki King. He continues to work with RISD students and alumni on a variety of projects. Most recently, Polivision has been working passionately on an original in-house project – Polivision.tv, a website/app that allows you to browse the Internet like flipping through channels on your TV.

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