Nina Maxwell '06/PR
Fertile Underground

Providence, RI

Nina Maxwell is an RI native who grew up in Jamestown. She graduated from RISD in 2006 with a BFA in Printmaking. From 2001-2007 Nina worked as a freelance professional chef onboard a series of privately owned yachts. This work took her travelling all over the world and began a long-standing interest in great food. Nina has worked as a window display designer in Soho NY as well as an afterschool art teacher at Providence’s City Arts. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher who currently teaches in Providence RI. Through her work as a gardener Nina united with a group of like-minded urban farmers and helped found The Fertile Underground Communal Garden on Pearl St in Providence’s South Side in early 2009. That same year Nina traveled to Coquille Oregon on behalf of the Fertile Underground to complete a 6-month organic farming internship. Soon after her return to Providence The Fertile Underground Natural Cooperative was selected by the West Broadway Neighborhood Association to receive grant funding from the United Way for the installation of a local, organic grocery store in their brand new building at 1577 Westminster St in Providence RI. With help from a successful Campaign the Fertile Underground Grocery and Café will open this fall.

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