Danny Kim '09/ID
Lit Motors & Lit Scooters


San Francisco, CA

Danny graduated from RISD with a BFA in Industrial Design. A near-death experience while re-building a pair of off-road trucks inspired him to "cut the car in half" and make the ultimate commuter vehicle. Danny pursued this idea at RISD, working with engineers from the MIT Media Lab, Olin, and Brown to develop the "C-1" concept. After graduating in 2009, Danny moved to San Francisco and established Lit Motors. He later spun off Lit Motors' sister company, Lit Scooters, to pursue the "pick-up truck of the developing world", a cargo scooter.

Combined, Lit Motors and Scooters have developed and manufactured eleven prototypes and expanded to a team of multidisciplinary designers, engineers, and business specialists. Helmed by Danny, Lit will begin production of their cargo scooter in 2013, and their gyro-stabilized C-1 in 2014. Using human-centered design and lean entrepreneur concepts, Danny will lead his companies to success—and just may revolutionize personal transportation.

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