'DJ Learner' Yenny Jung and DJ Jackson Morley
The Workshop for DJ Performance & Recorded Sound


Yenny Jung at www.mixcloud.com

Providence, RI

The Workshop for DJ Performance & Recorded Sound: Started in 2013 by Providence-based DJ duo Micah Jackson, the Workshop for DJ Performance & Recorded Sound is a springboard for circulating and disbursing cultural capital and artistic and technical knowledge. DJ skills are typically transmitted through hands-on experimentation and informal tutelage on prohibitively expensive and hard-to-access musical instruments such as turntables, public address systems and pc-based software. Workshops enhance opportunities for youth and adults to interact and experiment on this equipment while engaging in an intergenerational, relationship-based peer learning environment.The DJ Workshop offers courses for adults and youth as well as open studio sessions and live performance opportunities for aspiring DJs. To find out more visit http://theavenueconcept.com/, https://www.facebook.com/DJWorkshopPVD?fref=ts or https://twitter.com/DJWorkshopPVD.

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