John Jacobsen
Director of Engineering

New York, NY

A pioneer in 3D design and engineering, John has been applying his craftsman-like qualities to the domain of product development for almost two decades. He has worked for world renowned firms such as Smart Design and Design Partners helping to create iconic, award-winning, patented products for brands like OXO Good Grips, Shell Black Magic, Flip Video, Logitech, Zune, Corningware and Pyrex. As a creator of advanced 3D applications and a strategic consultant, he has worked to bridge the gap between design and engineering for clients such as Airbus, Ford, General Motors, Vespa, Pininfarina, Ferrari, Canon and Seiko. Currently as Head of Engineering for Quirky John is responsible for making invention accessible—perfecting product designs and bringing ideas to life. With a mindset at the intersection of design, engineering and art, his work is exemplified by relentless passion, creativity and precision.

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