Hannah Chung
Design for America

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer


Providence, RI

Hannah Chung is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Sproutel which makes interactive learning solutions for people who are diagnosed with a chronic illness. Sproutel’s first product, Jerry the Bear, helps children with Type-1 Diabetes build compliant behaviors earlier and empower them throughout their lives. Sproutel was mentioned as one of "5 startups to use tech to do good" by Mashable.

She also co-founded Design for America - an award-winning nationwide network of interdisciplinary student teams and community members using design to create local and social impact. DFA currently has 14 studios across the nation with over 500 students solving complex problems.

Hannah is a Northwestern University alum. This year, Hannah was listed as one of “Top 15 Women to Watch in Tech” by Inc.

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