Sean Di Ianni '07/SC
Chief Operating Officer
Meow Wolf

Santa Fe, NM

Sean Di Ianni is the Chief Operating Officer of Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf began as an informal art collective in Santa Fe, NM and has grown into a unique startup arts and entertainment production company that creates immersive, multi-media art experiences. Sean has helped shape Meow Wolf's ambitious interdisciplinary approach since shortly after the group's inception in 2008. As COO for Meow Wolf, Sean integrates the work of the group's many artists, programmers, designers, performers, writers and makers into a cohesive creative force by developing structures that support fluid collaboration. Sean is also responsible for overseeing the architecture and construction process for Meow Wolf's upcoming permanent exhibition in Santa Fe, The House of Eternal Return. Sean also holds a masters degree from St. John's College.

Video documentation of Caity and Sean's Mindshare presentation at RISD on October 24, 2015.

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